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OSBI Investigates the Officer Involved Shooting of Elisha Edward Kelley

A traffic stop turned deadly in the morning hours of [...]

Oklahoma City File Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufactures

Thursday, Oklahoma City filed an 80-page lawsuit in Oklahoma County District [...]

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Doctors List

After the passing of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and SQ788, Oklahomans [...]

Two Suspects To Be Charged In The Shooting of McLoud Teen Kaylen Thomas

October 5th, 2018, police officers in McLoud, Oklahoma responded to [...]

Stroud Oklahoma Catholic Priest Removed With Allegations of Sexual Abuse Pending

Rev. James MickusArchdiocese of Oklahoma City Catholic [...]

9-Year-Old Hit and Killed at Miss. School Bus Stop

TUPELO, Miss. -- A Mississippi boy died Wednesday after being [...]


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