Legalized Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma 2018?

On June 26, Oklahoma voters will decide on State Question 788 – a statewide ballot measure legalizing the use, cultivation, and distribution of medical cannabis to qualified patients.Republican Mary Fallin has set the date for the vote via an executive proclamation to be June 26 during the primary election.

What is State Question 788?

State Question 788 permits physicians to recommend Cannabis therapy to patients at their discretion. Patients possessing a state-issued medical license are permitted to engage in cannabis possession or cultivation, or they purchase marijuana products from a state-licensed dispensary. How much marijuana can a person be in control or possession of? According to State Question 788 :

A person in possession of a state-issued medical marijuana license shall be able to:

  1. Consume Marijuana Legally

  2. Legally Possess up to three (3) Ounces of Marijuana on their person

  3. Legally Possess six (6) mature Marijuana plants

  4. Legally Possess six (6) seedling plants

  5. Legally Possess one (1) Ounce of concentrated Marijuana

  6. Legally Possess seventy-two (72) Ounces of edible Marijuana

  7. Legally Possess up to eight (8) Ounces of marijuana in their residence

State Question 788 goes on and defines amounts and penalties if a person is caught in possession of marijuana without a license, directions on how a person will go about getting a license and the same for dispensaries etc.

Initiative proponents gathered sufficient signatures to place the issue before voters in 2016. However, the vote was postponed because of litigation over contested ballot title language. In a 7 to 1 ruling in April, justices rejected the state attorney general’s rewording of the initiative’s ballot title, which proponents had argued was purposely misleading and ordered that the measure’s initial language be restored. Under Oklahoma Law, the cultivation or distribution of Cannabis is classified as a felony offense and is punishable by up to life in prison.

Proponents of separate statewide medical cannabis initiatives are gathering signatures in Missouri and Utah. Proponents of a medical marijuana initiative in South Dakota have turned in their signatures and are awaiting a review by the Secretary of State’s office. In November, proponents of a voter initiative effort to legalize and regulate the personal use and retail sale of cannabis in Michigan turned in more than 360,000 signatures in an effort to qualify the measure for the November 2018 ballot.