Tulsa Girls Attacked Outside Their Home By Neighborhood Dog

Tulsa, Oklahoma- Two girls are currently recovering after surviving a vicious dog attack only a few feet from their home. Like so many others Kairi Wise age 8, and Eberae Jennings age 12, got out and enjoyed the beautiful Oklahoma spring weather that we had over this past weekend. Kari and Eberae are best friends and like so many other Tulsa children they really enjoy playing outside. After the rain that seemed to fall for a week straight here in the Tulsa area, the great weather we saw this weekend brought out the kiddos and families to enjoy the first signs of spring. Kairi and Eberae were outside their homes located at 6508 S 106th East Place in Tulsa, playing as children do when a fun day in the sun turned into a nightmare. “I was up at the fence and the dog ran up and attacked me” eight-year-old Kairi told Tulsa’s News Channel 8. The dog was no stranger to the girls or their neighborhood as they had seen the dog several times before.  “I thought it wanted to play” Kairi continued, “I didn’t play with it though.” Kairi soon found out that the dog did not want to play. Kari claims that the animal charged at her, jumped on her, knocking her to the ground and chipping one of her teeth in the process. “I tried pushing it off, I almost did but it attacked my arm and my chest,” Kairi continued.  “It put its jaw into my chest trying to rip out my heart.” Summoning all her strength and courage Kairi was able to escape and seek help with her wounds.


While Kairi was being treated the dog continued its reign of terror by attacking yet another young lady right outside her home. Ten-year-old Eberae Jennings had a similar experience with the animal as she reported to Tulsa’s News Channel 8 that “I just couldn’t feel anything at first,” Jennings said. “It just bit me and there was nothing and then it bit me in the chest and there was nothing like I didn’t feel the pain at first.” Ebarea was frozen with fear, “I had no thoughts, I was just thinking how vicious it was,” Jennings said. Both the girls suffered multiple deep lacerations on their hands, arms and chests, and will be nursing those wounds for some time. But neither the young ladies nor the neighborhood will be worrying about that dog ever again. The dog owner says the dog is no longer on the property and offered to pay for any medical expenses. While that issue is now resolved, the girl’s parents say they were frustrated to learn Animal Control isn’t out on the weekends. Both parents told News Channel 8 that they called the non-emergency line and were told someone could come out on Monday. When asked about this policy the TPD said that you should contact police and ask for a supervisor. The Greens of Bedford Apartment complex, the location where the young girls were attacked does have pet policies in place that state tenants can’t have dogs larger than 40 pounds and it doesn’t accept certain breeds. Those breeds are NOT listed on the apartment complex’s website. The girls say this dog was not on a leash and looked like a Pitbull mix


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