Okmulgee Police Meet To Prepare Schools For Active Shooter

“Shots Fired!” Just ten (10) weeks into 2018 and our nation has already seen 12 active shooter events at public schools and there is no sign that these mass shootings will end anytime soon. News stories littered with graphic photos and heart-stopping 911 recordings are becoming all too familiar.  Photographs of blood-spattered children running in fear for their lives and other images of a pristine white sheet draped across the ground covering the body of yet another victim that was taken too young and too soon. Families and communities ripped to shreds, traumatized and forever scarred by the actions of one of their own are becoming eerily common in America. For the members of the Okmulgee Police Department, the fear of these senseless acts of violence hitting close to home is real, and the department is taking steps to prepare for such an event right here in Green Country.

With our nation still reeling from the events that took place in Parkland Florida, the conversation has not gone quiet and neither have the voices of school officials and police departments across the nation that seem to know they need to be ready for an active shooting event that could jump off at any moment. “Hey, we are not pushing this to the back. We’re taking a proactive approach to address these issues in case they were to happen,” president of the Fraternal Order of Police Tristan Walker told Tulsa’s News Channel 8. The Okmulgee Police are taking the steps necessary to better prepare their officers and school administrators for this new and frightening reality of active shooting events that we find ourselves in. “Most agencies train the same you know. There’s a few differences. We’ve tried to come together to unify so that we all do train the same,” continued Walker to Channel 8 News.

Various superintendents and members of law enforcement from Okmulgee county recently met in order to discuss how teachers and administrators should react in the event of an active shooter including evacuation and “shelter in place” processes. With the talk of arming teachers prevalent in the national conversation, the group discussed among other things, ways to ensure that police do not accidentally shoot an armed member of the school staff thinking they are the gunman. Walden continued to state to Tulsa’s News Channel 8 that “We’re doing everything possible to keep their kids safe, and their kids are our number one priority.”

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