You Were In a Car Accident In Tulsa Oklahoma, Now What?

For a lot of Tulsa drivers, it seems to happen when you are pressed for time, under pressure with work or maybe family responsibilities,”CRASH!” That’s right, a car accident. Whether the accident was your fault does not determine if you were injured or not. And what about the damage to your car, or other passengers? Even though you have just been in a car accident in Tulsa Oklahoma, it is important that you do a few things CORRECTLY to ensure that you protect yourself and later recover the damages that you may be entitled to. But remember, if you make the wrong statements or fail to do something like taking photos (record evidence,) you could end up paying for a mistake that you did not make.

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Steps You Should Take After a Car Accident in Tulsa

Check Yourself and Your Passengers for Injuries:

  • Take a head count and make sure that you and everyone else in your car are okay. If you have any doubts, call 911. You are not a doctor so don’t try and diagnose yourself or anyone else. A trip to the ER is a lot better than getting home and discovering that you are hurt worse than you originally thought. There could be some internal bleeding or possibly head trauma that needs to be attended to immediately not later.

Get Out of Traffic and Move to Safety:

  • Most accidents happen on the roadway and, as a result, the cars involved come to a rest in the roadway where there are other cars and traffic moving. If it is possible to move yourself and your passengers to a safe location, do so and wait there for an ambulance or police to arrive on the scene.

Call the Police:

  • Most people involved in an accident, especially ones in which the accident is their fault, will offer to exchange insurance information without calling the police to the scene. Do NOT do this. The police will arrive on the scene and will take a report that will later be used in court as necessary.

Locate and Record Witnesses:

  • Try and assess who if anyone may have seen the accident. If they did, speak making sure to ask them for their name, address, email and a good contact number. Remember that you will never have another chance to see these potential witnesses again and they could possibly help you win your case.

Never Apologize:

  • In most cases, you will have the opportunity speak to the other person(s) involved in an accident. You may notice, that some people will say “I’m Sorry” when empathizing with another person that may be suffering. “NEVER SAY YOU’RE SORRY” or “I APOLOGIZE.” In a court of law, this could be interpreted as an admission of guilt or fault so choose your words carefully.

Do NOT Admit Fault:

  • Who exactly is at fault in an accident will be determined by the police officer on the scene, the insurance companies involved, and in many cases by the lawyers and courts that are involved. Here is a good rule to live by – Just the Facts, for your own sake, Just the Facts. When talking to the police try and keep your statements as simple as possible and state the facts only. Never use sentences like. “I guess I could have slowed down,” or “I could have swerved and missed him if I would have done _______.” Making statements like this could be used against you later and could do harm to your case.

Make Note of all Your Injuries:

  • You can count on being asked the question, “Are you Okay?” while on the scene. Although you may feel okay, do not state that. If asked that question try something like, “I think I’m okay.” Following an accident, you can bet that your adrenaline will be pumping at full force and as a result, you may not feel any pain at that time. However, when you get home and the adrenaline and excitement subside, you could feel horrible. Back and neck pain may show up and the symptoms of a traumatic head injury could take hours even days to become apparent. The last thing that you want is to tell the insurance companies that you feel “fine” and allow them this to use against you at a later time.

Take Pictures and Video:

  • With technology being what it is today, virtually everyone has a phone in their hand or pocket that is equipped with a camera capable of taking both pictures and video, so use it. Take pictures of your car, other cars involved in the accident, skid marks on the road, road signs, people involved in the accident, anything you feel is important, even witnesses. Make sure and snap a picture of the other person’s drivers license and insurance card. Also, be sure and save it and email a copy to yourself so you know that you have it in a safe and secure location. If possible it is a good idea to keep a disposable camera in your vehicle just in case your phone was to break.

Notify Your Insurance Agent:

  • Something that you may not know is that a lot of insurance companies and policies have a time limits when it comes to reporting an accident. You do not want to miss this window of opportunity as it could affect your coverage. Make sure that you place a call to your insurance agent and notify them that you have had an accident.

Wait and See if You Are Injured:

  • As mentioned before, injuries could take hours even days to make their presence known. People that have suffered back-injuries, soft tissue injuries and whiplash have reported that it took several days, even weeks before they started to show symptoms.

Contacting a Tulsa Oklahoma Car Accident Attorney:

Garrett Law Group

Garrett Law group

Most people that have been involved in a car accident will soon find out that no one wants to accept responsibility for the accident. The other driver will deny responsibility and their insurance company will not pay and you are left hurting from injuries, medical bills stacking up and a destroyed car. For that reason, you should consult with a Tulsa Oklahoma, car accident attorney. The experienced and professional Tulsa car accident team at Garrett Law Group an impeccable reputation for fighting for their clients and getting them the settlements that they deserve. Garrett Law Group offers free initial consultations for your Tulsa Oklahoma car accident. Contact Garret Law Group by calling (918)-574-6400 or CLICKING HERE.  At Garrett Law Group WeKnowWhatToDo.