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Garrett Law Group’s deep ties to the Oklahoma cannabis business community and the singular relationships we establish with each of our clients enable us to provide the best legal counsel available. Our networks keep us deeply connected to our clients and their communities and foster collaborative, well-informed legal partnerships.

Our cannabis-vertical law firm focuses on regulatory compliance, business law, intellectual property, and civil litigation in order to meet the comprehensive legal needs of our clients. We take a results-driven, client-focused approach and strive to meet and consistently exceed client expectations.

Regulatory Compliance

Complying with the complex laws and regulations governing the cannabis industry is a basic pre-requisite for any business looking to operate in this space.

For many, the tremendous medical, social and economic potential of this emerging industry more than justifies the extra effort and outlay required to establish a cannabis operation. In this regard, the cannabis marketplace poses both unique challenges and unsurpassed opportunities.

Cannabis is a regulated substance and the laws governing industry businesses are complex. As a result, the ability for any business to produce, manufacture, distribute, or sell cannabis-related products can only be done in strict adherence to voluminous state and local regulations.

Garrett Law Group’s attorneys possess exceptional knowledge of Oklahoma’s cannabis laws and regulations. At Garrett Law Group we maintain a mastery in the detailed nuance of cannabis law. As a result, we are uniquely qualified to assist businesses to navigate the tiered bureaucracies and plot a path to success.

In this rapidly-changing regulatory environment, Garrett Law Group attorneys provide the agile support and the well-connected legal expertise you need and deserve.

No matter what stage your business is in—from formation to rapid-growth, expansion, or exit—the legal team at Garrett Law Group will ensure that you become and remain compliant for the long-term health and success of your business.

Corporate and Transactional Legal Matters

Creating and managing any business can be challenging. This is particularly true for entrepreneurs and investors in the cannabis industry. As Oklahoma enters this new phase of medical cannabis, opportunities for success appear limitless. From formation through financing and transactions, Garrett Law Group can help your business at each stage of development. Our attorneys are here to ensure that you prudently build, grow, and operate your business.

Whether it is navigating the transition from the non-profit model into the for-profit paradigm or undertaking a round of financing within the confines of a complex regulatory regime, Garrett Law Group’s attorneys are uniquely qualified to meet the needs of the cannabis industry. We work to ensure that business owners and stakeholders have the tools needed to make smart, strategic decisions that will sustain, protect, empower, and grow their business.

At Garrett Law Group we maintain an unparalleled network of local and international industry connections that we routinely put to work for our clients. This gives our clients unrivaled access and the broad industry support they need to maximize their chances for success.

Whatever stage of development your business is in—from formation, to growth, expansion, and exit—Garrett Law Group will help you clear the hurdles that threaten your business and smooth your path to success.

Intellectual Property and Branding Services

Non-tangible business assets, such as brand names, logos, inventions, messaging, literary and artistic works, trade secrets, and recipes, are often just as valuable—if not more valuable—than tangible ones. Protecting these assets from misappropriation is crucial to the long-term success of every cannabis business.

In today’s connected, rapidly-changing environment, cannabis companies face the challenge of developing their brands and protecting intellectual property while coping with tight regulation and continued federal cannabis prohibition.

Garrett Law Group possesses a robust intellectual property practice, with the expertise to help cannabis companies understand and secure their trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other intangible rights. And if a dispute arises over those rights, our intrepid IP attorneys are proven litigators who aggressively go to bat for our clients.

Garrett Law Group offers strategic services and counseling on branding, licensing, trademark and copyright prosecution, trade secret protection, and other IP issues. If you seek help securing a trademark registration and developing a brand, or if you need to defend your intellectual property rights against infringement, our team will advise as to the best strategies for your business while remaining cognizant of your overarching goals and fiscal health.

Land Use and Zoning

Our attorneys provide in-depth legal counsel to operators in every sector of the cannabis industry, from cultivators and manufacturers to transporters, distributors, testing labs, and retailers. We are experienced in the complex land-use and zoning considerations involved in ensuring that cannabis operators have permittable sites for their facilities.

Garrett Law Group’s legal team is the ideal legal partner for businesses planning to lease or buy property for cannabis-related purposes. Our lawyers assist their clients with a full array of land-use and zoning matters, from the acquisition, landlord relations, zoning disputes, and boundary challenges to negotiation, review, and drafting of commercial leases and real property purchase and sale agreements. We regularly guide cannabis industry operators through the maze of zoning laws while maintaining a steady focus on their overarching business needs and goals.


Garrett Law Group has successfully represented businesses in a wide variety of issues, from general business disputes to high-risk litigation matters unique to the cannabis industry. Our litigating attorneys are seasoned, forward-thinking problem solvers with a deep knowledge of the industry-specific needs and challenges our clients face.

Because lawsuits are costly affairs that can interfere with daily operations and even threaten a company’s existence, we seek to limit each client’s exposure by proactively identifying and mitigating potential liabilities. In this regard, among the most valuable services our litigation team provides is the implementation of preemptive legal strategies, including careful review of contracts and other documents, to help insulate our clients from commercial disputes.

When litigation arises, however, our team’s expertise, and the ability to see each case in the context of the larger picture, make us an ideal ally for our clients. We develop long-term litigation strategies that are sensitive to your business goals and bottom-line. Where viable, we will pursue alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration, mediation, or settlement.

No matter the nature of your dispute, our lawyers will help you understand your legal options and work closely with you to develop a strategy that advances your position and is the best fit for your business.

Garrett Law Group

Garrett Law groupGarrett Law Group attorneys possess a unique understanding of the needs of Oklahoma cannabis industry businesses. For every stage of business development, we offer a full range of corporate legal services, including formation, compliance, land use and zoning, local permitting, state licensing, litigation, and trademarks and copyrights.

It may seem contradictory to use the terms ethical and attorneys in the same sentence but we pride ourselves on principles of honesty, hard work, fair dealing and compassion in our representation. We make it our mission to let clients focus on their well-being while we take care of the legal process. Our attorneys and staff are committed to adhering to a strict code of professional ethics. We dedicate ourselves to our clients’ best interests and making the legal process as painless and simple as possible for those in need.