An Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper is receiving recognition for a heroic act of bravery that helped to save the lives of three small children in McCurtain County. Trooper Cody Enloe was among the first responders to the scene of a single-vehicle rollover accident on February 14, 2019.

Three small children were pinned in the vehicle that had flipped upside down, in water, in the Harris area on US 259 South, according to the McCurtain County Sheriff’s Office.

Using the “jaws of life” Trooper Enloe assisted firefighters with pulling the children from the vehicle. Enloe removed two children, a toddler, and an infant, from the car before going back to rescue a third infant.

According to McCurtain County Sheriff’s Deputy Curtis Fields, the infant’s nose and lips were already turning blue. Enloe started back thrusts until water expelled from the infant’s mouth. The infant was then taken to an ambulance on the scene.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Trooper Enloe saved the lives of those three children,” recounted Deputy Fields in a post shared to Facebook.

Enloe will be recognized this week with two awards.

The Oklahoma State Firefighters Association will be presenting Trooper Enloe with a Heroism Award. The senior chaplain at the Oklahoma City Police Department will also be presenting him with a cross and a letter of appreciation, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety announced Monday.

“The professionalism and competence that was exhibited by Trooper Cody Enloe on this day will be something I remembered for the rest of my life and was nothing short of incredible. Trooper Cody Enloe, while being a first-year trooper, performed with all the skill and professionalism of a veteran officer,” said Deputy Fields.

The award ceremony will be held Wednesday, April 17 in the lobby of Robert R. Lester Training Center, located at 3600 N. Martin Luther King Ave. in Oklahoma City.

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