A dispensary owner in far north Edmond said his shop has been targeted twice in the last month because of the large amounts of cash they have on site.

“We believe he lives somewhere near the area,” said Kent Malave, talking about a man caught on camera brazenly stealing products from his dispensary. “Another customer came in behind, came over and started opening one of our glass displays, reached over those glass displays and grabbed about $1,000 worth of product and walked out with that product.”

Malave owns CBD Plus at Waterloo and Broadway. They sell CBD and medical marijuana. Over the weekend, officials said they were burglarized.

“Someone was inside of the store and actually reached around and grabbed product from behind the counter,” said Troy Dykes, undersherrif at the Logan County Sheriff’s Department.

But, Malave said it is not the first time they have been targeted by thieves. A couple of weeks back, he thinks someone tried to break in out but overshot his store and wound up in the sandwich shop next door. So, why the multiple hits by criminals?

“I think we are being targeted mainly because we are an all cash business; that’s what people are really trying to go after,” Malave said.

Malave said, thanks to marijuana still being illegal on the federal level, many banks won’t do business with dispensaries. That means both customers and employees have to handle large amounts of cash on site.

“It puts a lot of people in jeopardy,” Malave said.

Malave told News 4 that there is legislation out of Oregon in Washington DC right now that could make it legal for dispensaries to use banks.

But, right now, officials want your help; if you have seen the man in the video, contact police.

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