Cody Lowen

Cody Lowen

Nowata, Oklahoma- A former Nowata County Detention Officer is currently out on bond following an accusation of raping an inmate according to the OSBI. Deputies of Nowata County say that the jailer was fired the same day the investigation started.

According to the Oklahoma Beauru of Investigation (OSBI), Cody Lowen was arrested for forcible sodomy and rape by instrumentation. Rape by instrumentation refers to an act of sexual aggression forced on an individual that does not involve sexual intercourse. It can involve the use of any inanimate object or any part of the human body to penetrate the anus or vagina occurs of a person without his or her consent.

Deputies confirmed Lowen worked as a detention officer since December of last year. The OSBI says that the Nowata County Sheriff asked for help investigating the matter after an inmate reported Lowen sexually assaulted her while she was in custody of the Nowata County Jail.

Lowen was booked into the Washington County Jail on Friday and bonded out on Sunday. The Nowata County Undersheriff, Jason McClain, told News 6 Tulsa that it is embarrassing to have Nowata in the news again for something negative.

“It’s just unfortunate that again the Nowata County Sheriff’s Department is in the news for a negative story and the alleged actions of this former employee are the cause of that embarrassment,” said Nowata County Undersheriff.

The Undersheriff went on to say Lowen was fired on April 30, 2019, the same day that their investigation started. According to Undersheriff McClain, another Nowata County employee at the jail came forward with their concerns about Lowen.

Prosecutors are expected to file charges in this case, but that has not happened as of yet. The Undersheriff went on to say that the victim, in this case, is no longer in custody of Nowata County Jail.

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