A Tulsa woman is now in the custody of the Tulsa County jail after she stole more than $1300 of merchandise and then set the Walmart bathroom on fire, police officials say.

Kerri Jo Schlemme is in Tulsa County jail facing multiple complaints of unauthorized use of a credit card, first-degree arson, grand larceny and arson that endangers human life.

According to police officials, there were more than 800 people doing their shopping at the Walmart on 81st and Lewis when Schlemme reportedly set fire to the women’s bathroom in an attempt to mask her escape from one of the store’s fire exits.

According to the police report, Schleeme would place her shopping cart near the fire exit, leave then return to the cart with the merchandise she intended to steal.

Schlemme at some point came and went from the women’s restroom, soon after leaving the restroom, there were reports from other shoppers of smoke coming from the restroom. Schlemme at this point headed for the fire exit where she had left her shopping cart full of merchandise.   The report also states that a man was helping Schlemme put things into the shopping cart but it does not name him.

This is not Schlemme’s first run-in with the Tulsa PD as we found multiple larceny charges, DUI, and shooting with the intent to kill stemming back as far as 2011.

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