Asia DavisIt has been confirmed by the District Attorney of Lincoln County Oklahoma, Allas Grub, that his secretary, Asia Davis, has been fired after it was discovered that she had taken pictures of a dead 2-year-old, and then sending the photos to her best friend through SnapChat.

The pictures were taken last year of Braxton Danker by the medical examiner’s office.

The sheriff’s department had a suspicion of abuse after the toddler was found with broken bones and a serious infection in which gangrene had set in.  Judith Danker and her boyfriend Khristian Martzall were arrested for the toddler’s death in May of 2018.

“There were six very morbid pictures of a child on an autopsy table,” Grubb told News 9.

However, Braxton’s alleged murder and the evidence leak, took place before Grubb was in office. He assumed the title of the district attorney in January but said his investigator discovered Davis sent the messages in October.

“(Trinity Walls) Ms. Walls then recorded that from a different device, and it appears she held on to it for about six months, and then she decided, at some point in the past two or three weeks, to send that to the danker family,” said Grubb

He added that he cannot speculate on the timing of the release, but he said that those involved share family ties.

“The Danker family member she sent it to, and Ms. Walls share a father of a child.” Grubb said. “It appears she held on to it from October 2018, until sometime around April 25th of 2019.”

He said that soon after that Davis was fired.

Now, Grubb wonders if this incident will impact the upcoming jury trial of Martzall, who is facing the death penalty. Danker’s mother already took a plea deal in the case. She was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

“The stuff is out there. I wish it could be deleted. The family does not need to see these photos. The general public does not need to see these photos,” Grubb told News 9.
The district attorney said this evidence leak appears to be an isolated incident. At this point, no criminal charges have been filled. He said these actions in no way reflect his office.
News 9 reached out to Davis, who did apologize for the leak. She released the following statement:
“I would like to apologize to the family and the community. It was never my intent for any communication about this case to be made public.”

If you suspect abuse or neglect, take action NOW! Contact the Oklahoma Child Abuse Hotline 1.800.552.3511. If the child is in imminent danger, contact 911 or local law enforcement immediately.

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