November 1, 2019, Oklahoma will join the ranks with over a dozen other states that will have constitutional carry rights in their state. Just what does that mean?

Basically, in November, it will be legal for most Oklahomans who are 21 or older to carry a gun without a license without taking any safety courses or paying for licensing fees.

 What is Constitutional Carry?

The definition of Constitutional Carry is a simple one. In the United States, the term constitutional carry, also called permitless carry, unrestricted carry, or Vermont carry, refers to the legal carrying of a handgun, either openly or concealed, without a license or permit.

Under the new law passed by Governor Stitt, residents of Oklahoma would NOT have to undergo the current background check that state law enforcement performs when people apply for an Oklahoma concealed carry license. The background check that is done at the state level is more extensive and rigorous than the one performed when the gun is initially purchased.

Who Can Carry?

Oklahoma residents that are 21-years-old or older

The new law also allows active military, veterans, and reserve military who are 18 or over to carry without a permit.

Felons, those with domestic violence convictions and some people with mental illness are prohibited from carrying a firearm.

The bill also allows private property owners and higher education institutions to set their own rules regarding the carrying of firearms on their property or campuses.

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