Sheriff’s deputies and police are searching for a man that managed to elude them three times in one day, as well as stealing and wreaking vehicles along his way.

A little after 5 a.m., Geary police officers pulled over Eddie Urchison on a simple traffic stop. When Urchison presented his driver’s license, officers discovered that he was wanted on drug and weapon charges in Canadian County. Officers tried to get Urchison to exit the vehicle when he decided to flee. The Blain County Sheriff’s office was called in to assist in the pursuit.

“By the time our deputies arrived they had already wrecked out in a bar ditch and the driver had fled on foot,” Undersheriff David Robertson told News 4.

Police arrested the woman in the passenger seat, but Urchison was nowhere to be found, at least for a little while.

“As we were leaving the scene,” Robertson said, “we saw the same subject on a 4-wheeler trying to make it back to the scene.”

One hour later, Urchison seemed to show up out of nowhere, allegedly driving a stolen four-wheeler. In true “Smokey and the Bandit” fashion, the chase continued. The Undersheriff attempted a PIT maneuver that would hopefully nudge Urchison to the side of the road. His plan failed as Urchison turned the four-wheeler into the sheriff’s car, hitting the front of the vehicle, launching the four-wheeler into the adjacent bar ditch.

Even tough Urchison was thrown from the vehicle, he didn’t stop running, making his way into a wooded area. With officers in hot pursuit, Urchison managed to escape and the search was called off.

Kyle Base, a nearby farmer, heard about the manhunt that was in progress. When Base discovered that his father’s truck went missing, he immediately had an idea as to who had taken it. When officials got the call sometime near 10 a.m., deputies spoke to witnesses who identified a suspect matching the description of Urchison exiting the truck.

“He obviously couldn`t drive a standard so he ended up blowing the clutch and blowing the motor,” Base said. “It`s ruined now.”

This is the point when Base and his fellow farmers decided o get involved in the manhunt.

“The farmers around here don`t really like when their equipment`s getting vandalized or stolen,” Base said.

With the added manpower, Urchison managed to escape for the third time. Authorities are now warning Urchison to turn himself in before his alleged crime spree continues to rack up more criminal charges. Urchison is believed to be staying somewhere near the El Reno area.

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