A Cement Police Officer is being charged with soliciting child prostitution from a minor in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

The alleged victim did tell Burger she would participate in sexual activity, and he left the home that day. However, law enforcement reports the suspect contacted the victim on social media and sent text messages after visiting her home.

Stacy Don Burger parked his blue Volkswagen in an area where he could see the victim’s house. Burger called the victim and asked if he could stop by. Burger then pulled in an alleyway behind the victim’s house rather than the driveway, according to court documents.

Burger knew the minor since 2014 and acted as a “role model” and “father figure,” according to court documents.  When the victim approached Burger’s car, he asked the victim if they wanted to make some money. Burger offered the minor “a lot of money” in exchange for oral sex, the report said.  When the victim refused, Burger allegedly asked if the victim would contact one of their juvenile friends to give him oral sex in exchange for money, the report said.

Burger was not in uniform but wearing his gun at the time, the report said.

Burger later contacted the victim over Facebook messenger and then text messages. In the messages, Burger wrote, in part-

“Please don’t rat me out … if it helps when I offered money it was a lot not just a little bit … I didn’t think about your age …”

During an interview with Chickasha Police, Burger confessed to offering the victim money in exchange for oral sex. He further admitted to contacting a second juvenile with the same proposition, the report said.

Through investigation, Chickasha Police learned that Burger may have committed similar crimes outside of their jurisdiction. Information about these alleged incidents have been referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency, the report said.

Burger is facing charges of soliciting prostitution, offering or transporting a child for the purposes of prostitution, abuse, neglect, exploitation or sexual abuse of a child, contributing to the delinquency of minors, use of a firearm while committing a felony and Oklahoma Computer Crimes.

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