In 1999 Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible were abducted and murdered, but their remains were never found. Today could be the day that theses facts change.

“Somebody knows where these girls are and, for me, I need to bring my daughter home,” Lorene Bible told KOCO 5.

Lorene’s daughter Laurina, then a 16-year-old girl, was spending the night with a friend, Ashley Freeman, so the two could celebrate Ashley’s birthday. Three men entered Freeman’s home located in Welch, Oklahoma, and brutally murdered Freeman’s parents, abducted the girls and then proceeded to set the residence ablaze.

“I still wake up in the middle of the night, dreaming about that,” Tom Pryor said to KOCO 5. “What could I have done that would have made a difference?”

Pryor was involved in investigating just what happened to the girls. He was hired as a private investigator and stated that the state of Oklahoma’s case was a “botched investigation.”

“That scene should not have been cleared, especially a murder scene. It should not be cleared that quick,” Pryor reported to KOCO 5.

After just two days at the scene of the crime, Pryor claimed that he found an insurance verification card for vehicle insurance on the Freeman family’s driveway. He went on to state that the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation ignored that piece of evidence.

Now, more than seventeen years later, investigators have revealed the men responsible for the crimes that took place on that dark night in Welch. Ronnie Busick, David Pennington, and Phillip Welch killed Ashley Freeman and Laurina Bible, The insurance card that was found by Pryor at the scene belonged to Welch’s girlfriend.

“I don’t want to criticize anybody, especially another officer, but this one was such a major screw-up that I had to say something,” Pryor said to KOCO5.

The girls were kept alive and tortured for days according to authorities. Ronnie Busick was the only one charged with the crimes in April of 2018, as the other two men, Pennington and Welch, have since passed away.

Busick, 67, is charged with the murders of Danny and Kathy Freeman, of Welch, Oklahoma, and the kidnapping and slayings of their daughter, Ashley Freeman, and her friend, Lauria Bible. The two 16-year-old girls’ remains have never been found.

Today, multiple agencies will begin to search for the two girls remains in Pitcher, Oklahoma. Picher was the last place the girls were seen alive.


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