The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is looking for a few good men… or women right here in Oklahoma in order to continue keeping you safe.

You typically see them along the highway. But lately, they are few and far between.

“We’ve just been down on our numbers and trying to keep up with retiring numbers, it is hard to keep up,” Trooper Adam Wood, with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said to News 8 Tulsa.

Wood says it’s been years since they’ve seen a fully staffed department and it takes a toll every day.

“Unfortunately, it reflects on our ability to serve the public in some areas,” he said. “It may take us a little bit longer than it should than if we were fully staffed.”

Just this weekend, our nation was rocked by two mass shootings.

“In times of tragedy and response time, you know as well as I do, seconds means lives,” Wood said.

But with manpower down, those seconds can turn into minutes.

“If we had more troopers on the highways of Oklahoma, we would be more likely to respond to any tragedy like that,” Wood said.

OHP has reopened its hiring window for anyone who is looking to become a trooper. The hope is to bring in 80 new cadets.

“As many guys and girls we can get on the road, wearing that state trooper uniform, driving those cars up and down the road, serving the people of Oklahoma, the safer you are going to be,” he said.

The starting pay is just over $43,000 a year, with several added benefits, including keeping Oklahoma safe. You must be at least 21 by the start of the academy to apply. The academy will be held on February 28.

You can get an idea of what is expected from new Troopers by CLICKING HERE. 

You can apply to join the ranks of the OHP by CLICKING HERE.

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