Brokelahoama – Documentary on Oklahoma Education Now Streaming

Titus Jackson is a father with three kiddos in the public school system and that reality is what motivated him to make the new documentary, “Brokelahoma,” that takes a look at the education system in Oklahoma and gets the real story straight from the people who should know, the teachers.

“The film is part love letter to educators, part angry letter to what’s happening to education in Oklahoma, or what’s happening to education as a whole,” Jackson told News 8 Tulsa.

Jackson started working on the film in 2015 because of his small children.

“I have three children in public schools and I noticed how big their class sizes were and it was kind of freaking me out. I used that as an opportunity to talk to the teachers. I told them, ‘hey guys, I’ll make this video for you, let me interview you and we’ll see where it goes’,” he said to News 8 Tulsa.

These opportunities to talk with the teachers turned into a 100 minute deep dive into Oklahoma politics and just how these politics affect education in the Sooner state.

“Basically, let me put it to you this way, a public education documentary is not going to be the most sexy of topics to people. What I do to make it interesting is I put some humorous stuff in there, a couple of vignettes to illustrate some concepts we’re talking about in the film,” he said to News 8 Tulsa.

“I think it’s absolutely a fixable situation, by all means. It’s a matter of us starting to collaborate together and stop being so stinking divided as a state and as a people,” Jackson told News 8 Tulsa.

Brokelahoma is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo – The film has a Facebook page as well.

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