Police officials on Thursday issued a warning against card skimmers found on ATMs across the Oklahoma City area.

According to Oklahoma City police, these card skimmers are very small, making them difficult to see. The card skimmer collects data from the user’s ATM/debit card and a small camera hidden on or near the ATM records the user’s PIN, police said.

“We were actually contacted by the credit unions themselves, and the Secret Service, as well as the task force we have, have been working on this very closely with the credit unions,” Sgt. Megan Morgan told KOCO 5 News.

ATM users can attempt to protect their PIN by covering the screen/PIN pad while entering their PIN, so that critical piece of information is concealed from the camera view, police officials said.

The camera may be concealed in what would otherwise appear to be a normal part of the machine, police said, and it is typically very small, appearing to most to be nothing more than a small pinhole.

“As technology increases for us, it helps us out. But unfortunately, it increases for the criminals too,” Morgan said.

Anyone who believes they may have fallen victim to the skimmers is urged to contact their bank immediately and report it the police department in the city the ATM is located. Residents in Oklahoma City can call 405-231-2121.

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Source: https://www.koco.com/article/police-warn-against-card-skimmers-found-on-atms-in-oklahoma-city-metro/28710021