Missing documents being found at a funeral home has led to the settling of a $3.2 million dollar federal lawsuit filed by an Oklahoma mother whose son died while in jail.

According to the Tulsa World report, Jeanne Benett agreed Thursday to a settlement with Carter County officials for the November 2015 death of her son, 44-year-old Michael Manos. According to a statement made by Cater County to the newspaper, the settlement was in the best interest of the taxpayers.

Manos died in a hospital in Ardmore, about 92 miles southeast of Oklahoma City after being found unresponsive in his cell.   The lawsuit alleged that jailers refused to provide Manos with medication before his death. Jail officials stated that Manos had rejected his insulin, but jail medication logs that were found last week say otherwise. According to the logs Manos was never offered his insulin.

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