June 1, 2020- Here is a quick update on what we are working on here at Garrett Law Group.

Injury Motor Vehicle Accidents-
We continue to help people involved in motor vehicle accidents here in Oklahoma, residents of the state, or otherwise.
Indexing Medical Records-
We are helping individuals who were involved in motor vehicle accidents to advance their claims by helping them to index medical records. We work with their medical providers to not only provide a summary of their medical treatment but the expense of it.
Submit Demands-
We submit demands to insurance companies to help us resolve individuals’ claims. This week we resolved a number of claims regarding policy limits.
Schedule Depositions-
When insurance claimants are not able to handle their claims amicably, we assist in scheduling depositions and filing lawsuits along with helping prepare to present their claim to a jury.
Recent Arrests-
For those involved in criminal matters, we are helping those who have recently been arrested along with helping them fight extradition to Oklahoma or fight extradition to another state.
Bond Reduction-
We can speak to a judge on an individual’s behalf and get a more reasonable bond set set they can take care of their case out of custody.

If we can help you with these matters or anything else, call or text us at 404-494-0002 (OKC) or 918-947-9494 (Tulsa).

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