June 15, 2020- Here is a quick update on what we are working on here at Garrett Law Group.

Auto Accidents
-Hit by a rental car

-Ran a stop sign





Disputing Liability Split
-Doctor referral
Injury Settlements
-Resolved insurance company description as degenerative

-Submitted new demands to insurance

-Negotiated provider settlements

Injury Litigation
-Friendly suit

-Unfair settlements offer lawsuit


Criminal Defense
-Felony misdemeanor representation in these counties: Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cleveland, Muskogee, McIntosh, Washington, Cherokee

-Newly issued warrants

-Medical debt collections

-Stop garnishments

-Title passing at spouse’s death

-Inherited property dispute and transfer

-POA over aging parents/spouse

If we can help you with these matters or anything else, call or text us at 404-494-0002 (OKC) or 918-947-9494 (Tulsa).

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