June 22, 2020- Here is a quick update on what we are working on here at Garrett Law Group.

Criminal Defense
-Pro Bono representation of peaceful protestors (5 Tulsa County arrests on Saturday)

-Municipal/misdemeanor/felony/warrants in these counties: Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cleveland, Craig, Wagoner, Comanche

-Bryan county

-Tulsa city

-Oklahoma county

Family Law
-Custody agreement

-Visitation rights

-Child support

-Power of Attorney

Employment Law
-Wrongful termination

-MMJ patient protection

-Recent Supreme Court decision providing employment protection LQBTQ+ employees

-Deportation defense

-ICE hold release in Creek County-DACA renewal -Supreme Court decision

Bed Bugs
-Recent apartment move-in and infestation
Auto Accidents


-Soft tissue injury

-Parking lot



If we can help you with these matters or anything else, call or text us at 404-494-0002 (OKC) or 918-947-9494 (Tulsa).

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