Governor Stitt Signs Senate Bill 926 Requiring Consent be Taught in Sex Education

Oklahoma City Seal Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill this week that would change the sex education curriculum being taught in Oklahoma schools. The new curriculum deals with consent, which, at the moment, is not required to be taught in sex education classes. "These topics consume their daily lives, and yet no one's [...]

Purdue Pharma Settles With State of Oklahoma in Opioid Lawsuit

Perdue Pharma has settled with the state of Oklahoma over the drugmaker's role in the deadly opioid crisis. This settlement is seen as a milestone in the efforts of many to force Big Pharma companies to pay some of the costs of the epidemic. The deal with the state will require Purdue and the family [...]

Truck in Pawhuska Stopped Containing Thousands of Pounds of Marijuana

A traffic stop in Pawhuska led to the discovery of what is suspected to be thousands of pounds of marijuana. Law enforcement officers got a search warrant and are opening the containers in the truck to find out what it contains. Pawhuska Police Chief Rex Wickle told News6 two officers pulled over a semi-truck [...]