Card Skimmers Found on ATMs in Oklahoma City Metro Area

Police officials on Thursday issued a warning against card skimmers found on ATMs across the Oklahoma City area. According to Oklahoma City police, these card skimmers are very small, making them difficult to see. The card skimmer collects data from the user’s ATM/debit card and a small camera hidden on or near the ATM records [...]

Holtzclaw Appeals Rejected Court Upholds 263-Year Sentence for Former Oklahoma Officer

On Thursday, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals upheld the rape and sexual assault convictions and a 263-year prison sentence of a former Oklahoma City police officer - Daniel Holtzclaw. The court unanimously rejected appeals by Holtzclaw that include lack of evidence, excessive sentence, prosecutorial misconduct, a circus atmosphere" during his trial and a failure [...]

The Search for the Remains of Two Girls Killed in 1999 Will Begin Today in Welch Oklahoma

In 1999 Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible were abducted and murdered, but their remains were never found. Today could be the day that theses facts change. "Somebody knows where these girls are and, for me, I need to bring my daughter home," Lorene Bible told KOCO 5. Lorene's daughter Laurina, then a 16-year-old girl, was [...]

OKC Mayor Wecomes Immigrants in Oklahoma Following POTUS Trump’s Tweet

POTUS Donald Trump set the Twitterverse ablaze Sunday by tweeting that four nonwhite women in Congress should "go back" to their countries. Following POTUS' tweet, which some are claiming is racists rhetoric, Oklahoma City Mayor Davis Holt tweeted his support of the city's immigrant community. “Oklahoma City is a diverse community where 60 percent of [...]

New Witness Comes Forward in 1984 Ada OK Murders Featured in the Netflix Doc ‘The Innocent Man’

Netflix For decades Karl Fontenot and Tommy Ward have proclaimed their innocence from prison in the infamous "Dreams of Ada" murder case. Now there is a new witness that has come forth that says the two men are guilty, not innocent. Both Karl Fontenot and Tommy Ward are again challenging their convictions for [...]

OKC Teacher Jamaal Moore Arrested for Assault of a Student

Northeast Academy math teacher, Jamaal Moore, was arrested Friday for assault and battery of a 14-year-old student according to police. According to the arrest documents, students said a student was locked out of the classroom and the victim went to try and open the door for him but Mr. Moore was yelling at the victim [...]

Purdue Pharma Settles With State of Oklahoma in Opioid Lawsuit

Perdue Pharma has settled with the state of Oklahoma over the drugmaker's role in the deadly opioid crisis. This settlement is seen as a milestone in the efforts of many to force Big Pharma companies to pay some of the costs of the epidemic. The deal with the state will require Purdue and the family [...]

What IRS Code 280E Means For Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Business Owners

When looking at Oklahoma medical cannabis businesses, saying that these business owners have it easy is putting it lightly. Currently, a licensed Oklahoma medical cannabis businesses have to file federal taxes under IRS code tax code 280E due to the fact that cannabis/marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substance [...]

Anthony Palma Oklahoma Child Killer Strangled to Death in His Jail Cell

An Oklahoma man serving a life sentence for sexually assaulting and then killing his 8-year-old neighbor was found strangled to death in his prison cell. 59-year-old Anthony Palma was found dead in his cell at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary last month, but a newly released medical examiner's report has shed new light about just [...]

Oklahoma Man Files Law Suit Against Kim Kardashian for $300 Million

An Oklahoma man, David Liebensohn has sued Kim Kardashian for $ 300 million after declaring that she violated her partnership agreement. Liebensohn founded together with Narayan Shankar and Daniel Rice the company App Social LLC, which created 2014 according to court documents Apps for users of social media. The CensorGram application, designed to protect social [...]

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