Oklahoma Child CustodyOklahoma Child Custody

Many of our attorneys are parents themselves, so they understand the joys, rewards, trials, and tribulations of parenthood. We can help you navigate through the court system to ensure a verdict that is in the best interest of your child.

Child custody refers to all parental rights in the rearing of a child, including the right to direct a child’s activities and to make decisions regarding the child’s care, control, education, health, and religion.

While visitation and time-sharing are forms of custody, parents have equal legal rights to seek custody of or visitation with their children who are minors. This is true for both dissolution of marriage (divorce) and paternity actions.

There are different forms of custody available under a States specific law.

Joint Custody – Parents share aspects of care, custody, and control of their children. Parents have an option to ask the Court to approve their personal joint child custody plan, which includes decisions concerning the children’s upbringing and plans for time-sharing. The time-sharing schedule will vary with each family’s circumstance.

Sole Custody – Either of the parties can be awarded exclusive control of decisions regarding the children’s welfare. This is usually accompanied by the right to reasonable visitation by the non-custodial parent. The court will interpret the term “reasonable” according to the unique facts of the case.

Every case is different.

Custody decisions are intended to be made based on the “best interest of the child.” Obviously, the best interest of the child will differ from case to case. A court will consider whether the child is living with a registered sex offender, convicted child abuser(s), alcohol or drug-dependent people and/or convicted domestic abuser(s). Other factors include relationship history, if the child affected by harmful behavior (exposure to sexual contact and/or drugs in the home), or the expressed wishes of a child 12 or older.

Are race, gender, and education a factor? Race may not be considered in establishing custody. Oklahoma law specifies that there shall be no gender-based custody preference and no preference for or against private school, public school, or homeschooling in awarding custody.

Cost Child Support Collection Assistance – Our attorneys can help you collect unpaid child support obligations if you meet the following qualifications:

  • Over $5,000 in Child Support Owed to You
  • Existing Child Support Order from a State of Administrative Court
  • Must have Ex-Spouse’s (other parent) current home and work address
  • Ex-Spouse (other parent) must have a steady job or other income

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