glassesOklahoma Expungement

Even good people may have a criminal history in their past. The good news is that a person who may have made a misguided decision, or a person who has genuinely learned their lesson has a chance in the justice system for a new start.

Expungement is the established system of sealing arrest and conviction records. There are different levels of expungement, meaning that it could simply be removed from online searches, all the way up to removal from the court system altogether. To find out if you’re eligible for expungement of your records, contact the law offices of Garrett Law Group.

The process of expunging a person’s records varies on factors such as the severity of the crime (felonies, misdemeanors or municipal convictions), the status of the offender (repeat versus one-time offender), the outcome of the case (dismissed, declined to prosecute, or convicted), and the amount of time since the completion of the sentence. Expungement for dismissed protective order cases is also an option.


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