Oklahoma Felony CrimesOklahoma Felony Crimes

A felony is a major violation which generally carries a sentence of at least one year in prison, up to life in prison or capital punishment. Some examples of felony crimes would be a conspiracy, gun charges, murder or manslaughter, child abuse, and white-collar crimes. The most common felony charges in Tulsa are assault and battery, felony DUI, and drug possession.

Broadly speaking, felonies are often characterized as being either violent or nonviolent, depending on the nature of the act. Additionally, some offenses that are similar in nature may be considered either a felony or a misdemeanor. For instance, being in possession of controlled drugs may be a felony under some circumstances, but possession of the same drug in small quantities may only be brought under a misdemeanor charge.

Although some states further divide felonies into more specific classifications relative to their “seriousness”, Oklahoma has no such system; a felony is a felony, no rank indicated. Because Oklahoma doesn’t rank felony offenses, each charge has its own penalties associated with it, which are usually decided by the State Legislature. Despite this lack of categorization, some felony crimes in Oklahoma are carried out under the “85% rule”. This rule requires the perpetrator of certain serious crimes to serve at least 85% of their sentence before being considered for parole.



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