Oklahoma Guardianship

Oklahoma Guardianship

In legal terms, guardianship allows a person to make decisions for another. The Court delegates guardians in situations involving disability or incapacity.

Much like guardianship, conservatorship is when a guardian or protector is appointed by a judge to manage the financial affairs and daily life of another due to physical or mental limitations or old age.

In today’s world, families may face the need for a guardianship or conservatorship when a child is in an unhealthy parental environment or when both biological parents have died. These options are also available when the adult, due to injury or disability, lacks the capacity to care for themselves or their children.

Our attorneys at the law offices of Garrett Law Group can guide you through the legal process of petitioning for guardianship over a minor child or incapacitated adult. Additionally, our attorneys can provide parents the legal advice and counsel necessary when their rights are called into question.

Our guardianship services include both children and adults. Children can receive legal guardianship appointed by the court from an adult or couple if both parents are under chemical abuse, guilty of child abuse, extended incarceration or other challenging circumstances. A petition for guardianship over an adult may be necessary when the individual lacks the capacity to care for his or herself due to a physical disability or mental impairment.

Note: The guardianship grants authority to handle the day-to-day needs of the incapacitated individual. By a contract, a conservatorship (limited guardianship) grants the authority to handle only the financial affairs of the individual.



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