Oklahoma Immigration Attorney

As the largest cultural mixing-pot in the world, The United States has a variety of immigration policies that are collectively known as “immigration law”. This body of law is among the most complicated areas of legal practice, so it’s important to have an attorney that is experienced and skilled in this practice.

Immigration law is constantly changing, evolving, and continues to become more complicated. There are many divisions of immigration law to consider. The experienced immigration attorneys at Garrett Law Group can provide you with an honest assessment of any immigration situation, such as:

  • permanent residence through family or employment
  • marriage visas
  • green cards
  • citizenship
  • deferred action DACA
  • deportation defense

Our attorney Eric Brown is familiar with immigration law and is fluent in Spanish.

Garrett Law groupAt Garrett Law Group, we pride ourselves on principles of honesty, hard work, fair dealing and compassion in our representation. Our attorneys and staff are committed to adhering to a strict code of professional ethics. We dedicate ourselves to our clients’ best interests and making the legal process as painless and simple as possible for the injured and their family.


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