Trademarking a new product is an effective way of protecting your brand and products against infringement. However, trademarking an Oklahoma Medical marijuana Busines can be tricky because the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office does not grant trademarks for illegal activities, which include the sale of marijuana. With the legalization of marijuana in several states, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana business owners need help with trademarking. If you need help trademarking your Oklahoma Medical Marijuana business, Garrett Law Group is here for you.

Ways to Trademark Your Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Business:

  • Register Your Trademark at the State Level
  • Use the TM Sign for Your Business
  • Register Your Business in a Trademark Class Legally Accepted at the Federal Level, for Ancillary (Non-Federally Illegal) Businesses

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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Business Trademarking Lawyers

oklahoma medical marijuana business lawyerWith decades of combined experience to the Garrett Law Group’s name, our legal team has tackled some of the most challenging kinds of cases at the state and federal levels. When handling an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Business trademarking issues, we take a strategic approach and consider all the available options. The ultimate success of our clients is what drives us. We will work diligently to protect your marijuana business brand.

Garrett Law Group assists its clients from start-up to exit, including entity formation and governance, financing, leasing and licensing. Beyond start-up, Garrett Law Group helps its clients understand and maintain full compliance with the complicated rules in this highly regulated industry. Garrett Law also helps clients in maintaining and expanding their businesses, including later stage financing employment agreements, vendor contracts, licensing agreements and any other transactional work required of a growing business. Garrett Law also has significant expertise in mergers and acquisitions, where the buying and selling of licensed businesses are complicated. Garrett Law will represent you as you navigate this new industry. Garrett Law Group’s attorneys keep abreast of not just cannabis legislation, but other legislation and court opinions that affect how business operates.