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Garrett Law Group’s attorneys are well-informed and experienced in administrative and regulatory law. Our attorneys have handled more agency discipline and enforcement cases than any other law firm in Oklahoma. Garrett Law Group stays current with and knows the history of, all the statutory and rule requirements in Oklahoma. This deep knowledge works to our clients’ advantage, and we can efficiently and effectively respond to questions related to compliance and provide well-educated advice on how to proceed with a governmental agency.

Oklahoma medical marijuana business lawyerOklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensary – Grower -Processor Representation

Medical Marijuana Dispensary owners, Growers, and Processors in Oklahoma face a wide variety of legal issues every day. Business owners need advising on, among other topics, the growing landscape of medical marijuana regulatory laws, employment law, leases, zoning, litigation and trials, real estate, land use, tax issues, business operations, and business transactions.

Our legal services for dispensary range from business setup to mergers to dissolution and all matters in between. Oklahoma state and local laws impose a number of regulations on medical marijuana businesses. Our attorneys can advise you through the red tape to ensure that your business operates legally and successfully.

Garrett Law Group works with clients and intellectual property attorneys on a daily basis to remain on the cutting edge of patent protection, trademarks, and branding rights. Garrett Law Group helps current and prospective businesses protect their proprietary information on both the local and national levels. From basic Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements to complex Consulting or Licensing Agreements, our attorneys can help you with all of your intellectual property needs.

Business Formation and Structure

At the start-up phase, a business must consider a number of issues, including choice of entity, governance, capital structure. This is particularly the case in the cannabis industry, where restrictive ownership, tax, and financing rules present unique problems and opportunities. What might be routine for most business might be restricted or even prohibited to cannabis businesses and even to ancillary businesses.

Garrett Law Groups business formation services include:

  • Entity selection
  • Corporate governance documents—operating agreements, articles of incorporation and bylaws, shareholder agreements, and partnership agreements, etc.
  • Financing and capital contribution documents—loan agreements, convertible notes, options, warrants, and private placement memorandums, etc.
  • Employment Agreements
  • Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure Agreements

Corporate and Contract Services

Once a business is up and running, keeping a sound legal structure and understandable contracts is key. We negotiate and draft almost all kinds of corporate and commercial agreements. Garrett Law Group’s general corporate and contract services include:

  • Corporate governance and business operations
  • Commercial contracts and corporate transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Asset sales and purchases
  • Equipment leasing
  • General counsel advice—board meetings and minutes, mediating corporate disputes, conflicts of interest
  • Later-stage financing

Tax Law

No business deal can go forward without considering the tax implications. Garrett Law Groups attorneys assist cannabis businesses, in conjunction with the business’ accountants and other professionals, with the basic tax considerations of entity formation, business transactions, and day-to-day operations. Garrett Law Group has significant experience helping businesses and their accountants understand the complex and special tax rules that apply to cannabis businesses, such as Internal Revenue Code Section 280E, which prohibits most deductions for the cost of selling marijuana while allowing deductions for the cost of goods sold. Garrett Law Group has worked for numerous clients to respond to state and federal tax audits. Garrett Law Group also advises on reporting cash transactions. We partner with CPAs and tax court attorneys when necessary to ensure that businesses comply with tax law in a profitable way.

Exit Strategy

While cannabis is a new industry, business owners should consider an exit strategy as soon as possible, even at the start-up stage. Exit, whether through a sale, a merger, a buyout, or otherwise, should always be an element of business strategy. We partner with accountants, financial planners, estate attorneys, and other professionals to ensure that business owners keep the fruits of their labor for themselves and their families.

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oklahoma semi-truck accident lawyerGarrett Law Group assists its clients from start-up to exit, including entity formation and governance, financing, leasing and licensing. Beyond start-up, Garrett Law Group helps its clients understand and maintain full compliance with the complicated rules in this highly regulated industry. Garrett Law also helps clients in maintaining and expanding their businesses, including later stage financing employment agreements, vendor contracts, licensing agreements and any other transactional work required of a growing business. Garrett Law also has significant expertise in mergers and acquisitions, where the buying and selling of licensed businesses are complicated. Garrett Law will represent you as you navigate this new industry. Garrett Law Group’s attorneys keep abreast of not just cannabis legislation, but other legislation and court opinions that affect how business operates.